Geminii is a young electronic music label located in Berlin. I designed the logotype, which is based on the idea of doubling and movement. The result is a unique, intricate lettering that can be used as a series of albums covers.

Shepherds Run

Shepherds Run is an independent jewelry maker. I helped rebrand their identity based on their aesthetics. The logo is based on my pointed nib sketches.


The Alphabet project  — A public art project

Artist and friend Anna Schuleit Haber's was commissioned by The Fitchburg Ar Museum to create public art project — She called it the  “The Alphabet”. She asked 26 Typographers from around the world to represent one letter of the alphabet for the front page of the Sentinel & Enterprise, a daily newspape published in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. The series ran for 26 days: a new letter – and a new typographer – each day. “By using the public realm that the newspaper inhabits – the civic space, the metaphorical main street of our daily news – we want to invite readers to pause and reflect, to engage, and to immerse themselves in this limited edition of art, design, and newsmaking on the front pages of the newspaper. Each of the 26 days will be a surprise.”
Anna Schuleit Huber I chose the letter K, which is my favorite (although it does not exist in the Italian alphabet). Here it represents the mountain, its shadow, the diagona escalade, the playfulness of the light over the peaks and valleys.

Read more about the Alphabet project: Creative Review “The Alphabet”
The Alphabet: Printing Process "The Alphabet" newspapers set at

The Complete Alphabet Series ©Photo by Ashley Green ‏@agreenphotog

Florence’s Ceramic

Florence is a friend and talented ceramist. Her work is highly inspired by the Japanese philosophy of beauty.
I helped to find a style that represents her ideals and artwork.
Flo’s website:

I Wish I Had My Own Things

Calligraphy work — gothic style using a large broad nib. White gouache on black paper.

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